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I was born in Caserta in 1947, and I lived the first 10 years of my life in the “English Gardens” of the Palace of Caserta, in a guesthouse Vamvitelliana where my grandparents on my Mother’s side lived.  There, between the refined artistic beauty of the palace, so immense and particularmently different, with the park made in Italian style, that after a series of baths and fountains, finshes with the waterfall of the Torrione; and with the baths of Diana and Atteone, and the English Gardens where the arcitecture of the landscape adapts to the form of the area with great interventions, of which one is a small artificial lake and anticipates the followings of the Romantic period, my artist spirit was fed, as I was alone in playing and fantasizing in that fantasic enchanted garden with trees and birds, water and fish in the lake and the beauty of the sculptures which seemed to live in this magical place.  I would like to be able to describe completely this place because it is that which has most influenced my character and my aethstic sense.  Even today, going back to those moments in my memories, I think those were the most important years in my formation as an artist.

At 10 years, my parents and I went to live in Naples, a big city, without fields or woods, with big buildings, narrow and crooked streets, densly populated and rich in life, but strangely facing a beuatiful sea.  It is the awesome, overwhelming beauty of the nature, which manifests in another dimension and here the look is lost in infinite spaces within the Gulf of Naples, Mountain Vesuvius, Posillipo, Sorrento, Positano, Almalfi Coast, Capri, Ischia and Campi Flegrei.  I always asked myself why where the nature offered such natural beauty, man brought it on themselves to create archeticual spaces for living, while there where the nature was very generous, man tried to destroy it.

I had 8 or 9 years when my uncle gave me a box of oil colors (I still conserve a few tubes) and I had only 15 years when in vacation in Ischia, I brought two of my oil paintings on paper to an art gallery.  The following day, the manager of the gallery called me to say that he had sold them to an English man that wanted meet and talk with me.  Well, this gentleman (that I discovered was an English Shipbuilder) came to Naples and bought all the paintings I had.  From that point, began my profession of painting.  In Naples, I finished my artistic and scientific studies and I taught unil 1991.  The next year to follow, I tranfered to Rome where I live to this day.  Rome has been the third fundamental stop in my artistic route.  Because with her richness of history and art, were nutured my spirit in the sense of “Always Beautiful,” and it influenced my painting search pointing to the composition of works or art which refuge from reality, and express their intimate beauty.




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