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In this publication I would like to to express my opinion regarding art and in particular, painting; because I do not belive that improvisation, refused for any artistic form, is commonly applied to painting.  The will or want to create art is insufficient to be able to create art. 

I don’t presume to call myself an artist, other will judge me, but I have always searched to change the form and methods of painting in my work.  Mine is a continuing search for expression because it is through painting which I am abe to express myself fully.  All art pleasures me, regardless of the history, modes and styles, and for this I painting works with are classical, impressionist, cubist, abstract, etc…  I have always looked to pass beyond the period and style, in the searching for beautiful in everything.  Whether I paint a still life, a city, or a spacial composition; the contents are the motives for a creative compilation that gives me an intimate aesthtetic satisfaction. 

I prepare myself the canvas, tables, and paper, and I fill them with color that sometimes represents a figure, or a city, or an abstract, or anything else, bringing out from deep within me a composition that satisfies to my eye and gratifies momentarily my senses; stressing momentarily because I always have the necessity to go beyond and pass on to another canvas to paint, and another still, and this I follow.  I permitted myself to express my thoughts without crtical mediation, because I am convinced that a visual work must be sufficient to understand without the help of words, becaues words cannot replace the image. 

The work lies there nude, displayed completely without inhibition, does not have hidden parts to discover.  Conceptual works does not have hidden parts to be discovered.  Conceptual works, which do not have one to one corrispondance beteween concept and image, is not, in my opinon, a work of art. 

What does conceptual art mean?  Maybe in primitive art, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Renassance, concepts weren’t expressed?  And so, if the “Creazione di Adamo” by Michealangelo and the “Merda d’Artista” (shit in a bottle) by Manzoni are the same thing, there is something that isn’t right; if the “Cena ad Emmaus” by Caravaggio and a dirty cartoon by Schifano are the same thing; there is something that doesn’t fit.  As professor Zecche says: “if everything is art, nothing is art.” 

In conclusion, I say that it isn’t enough to have a thought or a concept in order to realize a work of art.  A still life, a figure, a landscape or an abstract painting does not become a work of art only for their content, but for the way in which they were painting.  As for me, I have the sensation that there isn’t enough time to paint everything that I would still like to realize.  I think my most beautiful painting is one, which I still have to paint.





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